West Michigan’s food

for thought

Food processing in West Michigan accounts for a third of all agricultural sales in the state.

The industry is supported by partnerships with universities to improve economic industries in agriculture, food processing and natural resources.

It’s All About the (Food) Process

West Michigan offers unique opportunities to food processors because of its direct access to nearly 10,000 miles of freshwater shoreline. The region is home to several large-scale treatment facilities, deep freeze logistics and transportation centers and a climate driven by access to a Great Lakes freshwater source.

Key Numbers

From total job opportunities to average earnings, the West Michigan region offers a dynamic food processing infrastructure.


Total food processing jobs in West Michigan


Total food processing establishments in West Michigan


Average food processing industry earnings in West Michigan


Food processing job growth in West Michigan between 2018-2023

$2.9 billion

Total Food Processing Industry GRP (2023)

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